About Us

Hello Chumamians! It's Jessica and Herman here, co-founders of Chumami Chili Oil. 
Chumami Chili Oil is a family secret recipe that has been passed down for three generations. Compared to our competitors that contain MSG and other artificial preservatives, we pride ourselves on using wholesome ingredients including fresh chilis.
In the early 1980s, our grandpa was a chef in one of the only Chinese restaurants in Kent, England. As a first generation immigrant, he began making chili oil for himself and the other staff that wanted that taste of home
Our mom, known to many of our friends as "Momma Chu", learned at a young age she had a knack for cooking just like grandpa. Over the last 30 years, she has been perfecting this recipe and sharing it at all our family gatherings. 
We received so many requests from friends and family to buy our mom's chili oil,  that we finally decided to make this into a reality. Today, we are proud to share with you, Chumami Chili Oil.